Richard has taught many of today’s best and brightest young artists as a faculty member of the Yale School of Music. A life-long church musician, Richard is Director of Music for Saint Thomas More Chapel at Yale where he has also launched the career of many young choral directors and organists serving churches throughout the country. Mr. Gard was formerly Professor of Music and Chairman of the Department of the Arts at Naugatuck Valley Community College.  While serving there he built Connecticut’s most comprehensive two-year music and performing arts program. Richard is currently working on a major expansion of digital applications for music education and liturgical music that will offer millions of people access to significant musical skills and performing enjoyment.

Mr. Gard received his DMA and MM degrees from Yale School of Music and the Institute of Sacred Music, and was honored at Yale with two named scholarships and four prizes. He is known as an outstanding teacher with three Connecticut State Merit Awards and a national teaching award. Richard’s choral arrangements, translations and compositions have achieved national publication and production. Richard is a leader in the utilization of digitized resources, tablet devices, and cloud platforms for teaching music at all levels. As Chief Education Officer for Music Prodigy, a software firm, he is developing expert teaching systems and apps.