On May 9, 2008, college students, baby boomers, and all in-between are invited to a Be-In at the Palace Theater in Waterbury with the revolutionary 60s musical HAIR.  From the familiar songs like Aquarius, Let the Sunshine In, Hair, Walking in Space, Easy to be Hard, Frank Mills, and Good Morning Starshine to the startling scenes of hippie communal life, HAIR is a musical like no other. Pandemonium evolves into organized chaos while the music and vitality of the cast envelopes the audience, taking them on a memorable trip. Making History… Again! The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical HAIR was controversial from its inception. Known as “the show that brought the revolution to Broadway,” Hair became a major coup for freedom of expression in the United States and marked the end of stage censorship in the United Kingdom.

Ticket holders were invited to a free series of lectures and debates at the Palace before the show (4:30 PM till 6:30 PM). This 1968-2008 Retrospective is an exercise in civic engagement like no other. HAIR represents the voice of a generation and the ideals that will continue to shape our nation for decades to come. The energetic and often confrontational musical numbers present the issues that have dominated political discussion for the past 40 years: pollution, sexuality, racial issues, civil rights, drug use, war and nationalism.
This lively event will inspired attendees to consider the issues with the benefit of the lessons of the 1960s by coming together for one very special afternoon and evening to gain perspective and the motivation to connect, engage and participate!  Want to know more about this project? Call (203) 575-8039 or email
Click here to see the tribe at the Songs for Soup Benefit at Yale

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