PAC: Performing Arts Collaborative


Performing Arts Collaborative LLC creates stunning performances with some of the finest musicians just beginning their career 

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PAC’s mission is to:
*      Assure the region’s future musical resources by supporting and developing the talents of emerging artists

*      Facilitate high-quality outreach and arts programming

*      Enhance networking and cross promotion of performing arts initiatives

*      Bring professional and emerging artists together in performance with stipends and mentoring programs

*      Support philanthropic endeavors in the community

PAC partners include the Waterbury Palace Theater, Naugatuck Valley Community College, Gateway Community College, Temple B’nai Israel, Church of the Immaculate Conception, 102.9 DRC-FM, KC101, WELI, the New Haven Advocate, the Waterbury Symphony, Saint Thomas More Center at Yale, Hartford Symphony, Chevy Theater (Oakdale), Community Mediation, AIDS Project New Haven, The Playwright Irish Pub, Laser Body Solutions, VIP of Orange, and Fashionista.