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Richard is the Chief Academic Officer for Music Prodigy and its music education applications, Music Prodigy for schools, Choir Prodigy for choral singers and Rock Prodigy for guitar students.  Music Prodigy software is used in 80 countries.

Music Prodigy is a complete classroom and school ensemble teaching system.  Students in private lessons or music theory courses can be assigned individual plans and assignments, while members of a school orchestra, band, or choir can practice their music anywhere anytime.  The teacher/ director has an easy viewing grade book to monitor how students are progressing, and every “performance” is recorded so Music Prodigy is suitable to use for state-wide district assessment.  Students using Music Prodigy practice more often and learn significantly faster than other musicians. The 30 second overview tells more at

Cloud Hymnal is currently being built for the Center for Music and Liturgy at St Thomas More Chapel, Yale. The Cloud Hymnal is a free resource of worship music and scripture readings for use in any liturgy or worship service.  Members can create lists for their next service and all may use their mobile device together.  Works on any desktop or mobile device.  Features a Practice Room where anyone can learn to sing the music, a way to upload your favorite music, and to use the new music being created by Yale’s Center for Music and Liturgy.

Choir Prodigy is the free system for choral singers to learn their part in harmony and improve their singing voice.  Choir Prodigy is like having a personal coach to teach you your part in choral works.  Choir Prodigy hears the note and word you sing, and helps you learn the right way to sing.  Choir Prodigy includes a large library of choral works free to use, print out, practice, and also includes solo songs.  Every piece includes the piano accompaniment so you can practice or perform with Choir Prodigy.

Rock Prodigy is the world’s leading application for teaching guitar.  It runs on Mac OSX, Apple iOS or Windows systems, and is sponsored by Fender Guitar. Students use either an electric or acoustic guitar, and the system is portable, intuitive, and low cost, with students in 81 countries.  The software is a complete guitar education and features a patented system that listens to the student’s playing, discerning pitch, chords, and rhythm in real time.

Rock Prodigy includes a curriculum of lessons, exercises, and songs working as an expert system to teach anyone to play guitar.  Challenges assess what a student needs, the lessons teach individual concepts.  Exercises are set up as games to practice the concepts, and Milestones are songs which use the concepts in a musical way.  Students receive instant feedback, and the Windows-version dashboard automatically tracks all scores with a measurable standard.  Rock Prodigy uses my proven teaching system to radically improve learning and skill.  Information on the underlying system is available here:  

Annotated Listing of Research Studies for Music Prodigy teaching system (645.0 KiB)

The Rock Prodigy curriculum also includes a growing library of popular songs in the original recording.  The student can play along with the original recording artist, solo over, or play various layered versions, all the while scoring points to compare accuracy to the original. Rock Prodigy works as a stand-alone teaching system, a plug-in to most LMS platforms, or as interactive method book when used with private or class instruction.   

Music Prodigy was named the Best Music Education App of 2013 in the 148 Apps international competition.

Music Prodigy won the Technical Innovation prize at the China US High Level Talent Exchange Conference, and was appointed to International Top Entrepeneur membership of Suzhou City Venture and Manpower Resources

Music Prodigy won First Place at SILICON BEACH Conference- more at

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