Vox Concordis


A unique experiment in music education.

Vox Concordis is the lab choir for student conductors in the NVCC College Choir.

The ensemble is unique in its mission to ensure the future of New England’s musical resources and performers by supporting and developing the talents of college students wishing to pursue a career in music or music education.

Pictured: Vox Concordis
Jason Alderuccio, Reuben Barnes, Linda Bosse, Aimee Bush, Jeanette Buttner, Matthew Cabeen, Jenny Cizik, Laura Evans, Michelle Fiertek, Marc David Finley, Evelyn Gard, Lindsey Hollister, John Janeiro, Gennard Lombardozzi, Elizabeth Lorenzo, Rachel Marlak, Ron Picard, Jeana Richo, Lauren Smith, Sandy Talbot, Ashley Wickham, Karolina Wojteczko, and Elizabeth Work.

For more information about Vox Concordis email rgard@nvcc.commnet.edu

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